Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 1 down...17 more to go...

Despite the world being against me in this first week of training, I did it; and I feel successful! So, let me explain:

Monday is the first day, which was Memorial Day..why would we start on a holiday! Here's the low down on day 1:

1. Rob takes morning shift because I have to still buy a one piece suit (even though he tells me to just go in my regular lounge around the pool suite..OMG, WTF?)
2. My gym membership was canceled in February because I have been going to boot camp, I was done with the gym...until Laura talked me into doing this tri :-P. Since Rob was going first, I asked him to reactivate the membership, simple right?
3. The gym decides they want to charge me 30 per month ...I used to pay 19!! WTH! I was one of the first members to join, why would they treat me like this..don't they KNOW who I am and why I want to rejoin!
4. Rob goes back and forth with them, they just tell him to call corporate on Tuesday and I can come in free that day, just ask for Mike or Mark (Rob can't remember the guy's name, it's one of the two).
5. We go hang out with some friends after Rob swims and there's alcohol...hmm, I'll just have one and sit in the sun for a bit....
6. I go to the gym and ask for Mark or Mike...surprise surprise, there's nobody there by that name! Awesome.
7. The guy just happened to overhear the earlier conversation...with....JAMES! Doesn't matter, I'm in!!
8. I swim, 30 minutes. Two laps front crawl, 8 laps breast stroke. I did 46 laps, wow, I can do this!!

Day 2:

Even though my confidence is up from my whopping 30 minute swim, I can't believe what I have gotten into because I have decided to get up early to go bike, by myself...yikes, what if someone knocks me over the head and steals me!? I wake up every hour because I have developed a cough and I am having NIGHTMARE after NIGHTMARE about being attacked by ghosts!? Yeah, ok...

I get up, bike 60 minutes and run 20. Minus the jelly legs, it was uneventful. Stupid nightmares.

Day 3 - 5:

I get sick, like I've even lost my voice. I push through it and still work out, well I had once of the days off as my rest day, but 2 of the 3 days still sucked. The hardest day was running for 60 minutes and then swim for 30. About half way through, I got a cramp on the top of my foot..Wow! After 52 laps, the 30 minutes was up but I was so unbelievably tired, I couldn't pull myself out of the pool.

After day 5 and onwards:
Laura and I have agreed to meet up every Saturday. This was probably the smartest decision either one of us could of made. After not being able to pull myself out of the pool, if I didn't agree to meet up, there was no way in hell I was going to get up out of bed. We met up at 6, biked for an hour and 15 minutes and ran for 20 minutes...whew.

Rewarding ourselves for the week, we ate like queens at the melting pot and got a drink at Kona. After a fun night of food, drinks, friends and gossip we headed home at midnight. Yes midnight...
That doesn't exactly work well with a toddler and a triathalon training schedule. Around 10 am I got up the energy to go for my 60 minute bike ride. It was only like 95 degrees outside....

Bottom line, I did it; I completed my first week of training, just 17 more to go...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Week one, day one

This is basically a repost from my regular blog....

A few weeks ago, my friend Kris and I decided to compete in our first sprint triathlon at the end of September. This has been on my "bucket list" of sorts for several years. With my 30th birthday looming just around the corner, I figured that this my shot to give it a "tri", haha!

Today marked day one of training with 30 minutes in the pool. With my competitive swimming background from childhood through high school, I thought that this would be a piece of cake. I was sadly mistaken. First, my competitive swimming days are long, long ago, TWELVE years to be exact! When the heck did that happen? I've done a few pool workouts here and there over the years, but this is the first time that I will be committing to swimming two to three times per week over the next 18 weeks. I thought for sure that it was going to be like riding a bicycle, some things you just don't forget. True, I still know how to swim, but my speed is slow as molasses and my form is less than desirable. However, there was a comfort about getting back in that water today. It's like slipping back into an old, worn-in t-shirt. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the quiet monotony that comes with swimming laps. No strangers chatting next to me, no ipod, just quiet nothing. It was quite lovely! After my workout, I had to head to the grocery store and as I walked around, I could smell that familiar chlorine smell from my hair that brought me waaaay back to high school.